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Porn Star Tries Flirting With Rising Football Star On Twitter, It Then Backfires.

Former pornographic star, Mia Khalifa received certainly not what she she bargained after she tried to publicly flirt with a rising NFL star. The 24-year-old – once ranked as the number one performer on Pornhub worldwide – approached 21 year old Pittsburgh Steelers star, JuJu Smith-Schuster on Twitter, writing “you’re my new favourite follow on twitter.” And he then responded, “Oh hell nah, I’m not falling for this lol. I maybe young, but I’m not stupid.”

Olamide replies follower who said he’d soon go back to become an upcoming artiste...

You can’t just troll tantrums to Olamide, and get away with it… A troll with the twitter handle, @isaacafin took to the platform to air his opinion about Olamide’s flourishing career. Apparently, Isaac is of the notion that Olamide might go back to where he first started, “The Upcoming Artiste Zone”, just like his colleague, Ice Prince. The tweeter said: “Olamide will soon join ice prince to become an upcoming artiste”. This didn’t sit well with Olamide, and he gave the troll a piece of his mind. He said: “So shall it be for your dad as he is hustling to put food on the table for you bastard! Omo ale jati jati lazy motherfucker go to work bitch” As if that was not enough, Olamide continued; “People don’t know your pain or struggle. They just pray for your downfall. na so your mama teach you? If I fall na you go feed my pikin? smh. “Haters exist for real. you wake up in the morning say your prayers and shout God kill my enemies and next you start hating on someone.”

Thugs Allegedly Beat Actress, Yetunde Aderibigbe For Bashing Local Government Staff’s Car

Nigerian actress, Yetunde Aderibigbe has been beaten by thugs reportedly hired by a staff of Alimosho Local Government Area, Lagos State whose car she bashed. The beautiful actress who shared the information on her Instagram page, disclosed that her phones and other valuables were carted away. She wrote:

Wawu! See How A Nigerian Lady Cursed Her Boyfriend’s Friend Because He Refused To...

You know how they say someone goes from zero to a hundred real quick?! Well, this is a perfect example! So a Nigerian lady, had a fetish on her boyfriend’s friend and decided to propose it to him. She told him how she fantasizes about getting down with him and what not, she even acknowledges the fact that he is her boyfriend’s friend but asks him not to mind that. Apparently filled with integrity, the gentleman being proposed to politely declined her offer, but she persisted and he then again refused and even threatened to block her if she continued pestering him. This got this lady infuriated and she immediately cussed out at him. Read their chat below:

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