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Rosaline Meurer Looks Gorgeous In Mini Ankara Dress (Photos)

Seems like Rosaline Meurer is less concerned about haters as she is enjoying her fame… The delectable Nollywood actress has taken to her Instagram page to share these gorgeous photos of herself as she rock a mini Ankara dress. She wrote: Y’all can stop stressing now! It’s the weekend BABY! ITS FRIDAY !! 🤗 whoop whoop! 🤑 Wishing you all a Fabulous Friday! May your cup overflow with JOY, PEACE, LOVE and pure awesomeness 💋💋💋💋 Bless You All 🙏 #friday #weekend #love #joy #peace #awesomeness #blessed #happy #doglover #pet #dog #smile #everythingrosy #rosykisses #QueenOfAllQueens👑 See more Photos:

“My man must be rich, I can’t marry a salary earner and sex is...

Nollywood actress, singer and skin care therapist, Chineye Esther Anakulu Nze, simply known as Chesan Nze, from Anambra State is looking like the genuine article that may very well raise the bar in the movie industry. She attended Apata Memorial High School, then Nnamdi Azikwe University for her banking and finance degree. She’s currently at Zenith College University in Accra, Ghana for her business management Bachelor’s degree. In this interview with Vanguard, she takes us through her journey into entertainment, touching on love, sex and marriage. Can you share with us the story of your journey into the entertainment world? It is an interesting journey filled with ups and downs. I started out as a chorister in a church and began singing. I was doing more of gospel music. But my acting started as a child, back when I was in primary two. I started with Nestle Nido’s show, and I won Coca-Cola and Indomine shows by Sound Sultan, with W4. I would say my heart was more with singing t..

Smelling Your Partner’s Farts Will Give You Longer Life – Scientists Research Claims.

A new research by scientists state that whether you like it or not, smelling your partner’s farts will amazingly make you live longer. A research team at the University of Exeter have discovered it is good for you to inhale your partner’s stinky farts as the gases in them can combat diseases. So if you catch your partner eyeing you up weirdly tonight in bed, just sitting there waiting, you know why. The study, published in the journal Medicinal Chemistry Communications, analysed the impact of the gas hydrogen sulfide which humans produce in small amounts. Although it was found to be noxious in large doses, researchers discovered that cellular exposure to small amounts of the gas can prevent mitochondrial damage which has many health implications. One of the researchers, Dr. Mark Wood, said: Although hydrogen sulfide is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a healthcare hero. Surprising..

I’m Not Dating Ghanaian Actor, James Gardiner, I Only Used Him To Represent My...

Following the recent reveal that actress, Rosaline Meurer is dating a Ghanaian actor, James Gardiner, she’s come out to reveal that he isn’t her bae. One of her followers had congratulated her for chosing James who she says is really cute… … nenakji Congrats dear for dating my favourite actor James his really cute To which Rosaline then replied, hehehe sweetie I wish lol he cute though no doubt but James my darling was just an actor on my snapchat bae hasn’t been revealed. Not until I decide so. James was just a poser for bae he would probably be home right now laughing his ass off at all this but he will kill me later for this its sweet when people think they got you all figured out but they don’t. One of her followers also referred to her as a side chick. miracle_edor wrote, Madam side chick how far Rosaline replied, I dey. How your side? Madam bottom chick.

Boko Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau’s wife killed in Borno Air strike

According to a statement by Olatokunbo Adesanya, the Director of Public Relations and Information of the Nigerian air force….. He has said that Abubakar Shekau’s wife, Mallama Fitdasi, might have been killed in a recent successful airstrike on Durwawa settlement on the outskirts of Urga near Konduga community in Borno state. Mallama Fitdasi is believed to have been representing her husband in a coordinating meeting with other terrorists at the location of the airstrikes. It should be recalled that the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) had reported the successful aerial attack of a large number of Boko Haram terrorists at Durawa on 19th October. Battle Damage Assessment had indeed revealed that the aerial attack set off a fire, causing damage to the Boko Haram terrorist structures within the settlement and neutralized most of the Boko Haram terrorists with a few of them fleeing the location. Efforts are ongoing to confirm the reported killing of Shekau’s wife, alongside other BHTs.

“I saw blood in my mouth, the next morning after I sucked the hell...

“Dear YBL, Please help me. I went to visit my Girlfriend in her hostel….. while gisting, and reminiscing about what we’ve had in the past, we just started kissing, she pulled off her dress, help me pull off mine, and I started sucking her down there, and we had great sex. The next morning, I went to the bathroom, was having a pee, and I spat.. I noticed my spit was red, I felt it was due to the injury I had on my tongue previously, but no.. I went to check the mirror, and I saw strain of blood in between my teeth.. I was shocked, I ran to the room, only to see my girlfriend wearing her pad. I asked her what happened, she said her period came while we were doing it… and she didn’t know till that morning.. Please help me, has she collected my destiny?”

Rosaline Meurer flaunts her new man (photos)

It seems Nollywood Actress, Rosaline Meurer has moved on from the Tonto Dikeh-Churchill controversy, and has finally found love. The actress became famous after Tonto fingered her to be the reason why her marriage to Olakunle Churchill crashed. It seems she’s found love, and she’s gone about flaunting her new man on her Snapchat, though she covered his face. “When he wants to explain why he loves me, he says it’s like explaining how water tastes like. THE FEELING CANT BE EXPLAINED.” She wrote in a post on snapchat, while sharing a picture of the said boo. Below are the pictures and captions she shared;

Musicians don’t care about lyrics because Nigerians just want to dance — Falz

Lawyer turned Singer, Folarin Falana, popularly known as “Falz The Bahd Guy”, in a recent chat with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) is of the opinion that don’t care about the lyrics because Nigerians just want to dance. He said; “It is correct to say that a lot of artists are not concerned about lyrical content because they know that the Nigerian people just want to dance. “However, a few musicians still pay attention to lyrical content. I personally pay a lot of attention to that. “Music shouldn’t be about the beats alone. Good music is a good blend of everything – good beat, good message and nice melody,”. Falz in his music video, Soft work.

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