Some hours after the wedding of a Nigerian man identified as Kufre Ukpong and his bride in Akwa Ibom, a British Lady with the name, Gill Ukpong on Facebook, has come out to claim that she is already married to the groom.

Gill made this known on Facebook, via the comment section of a post which was in reference to the Akwa Ibom wedding. Gill wrote:

Look you can say anything u like, ask my husband why he has not divorced me for this marriage. Ask him why he cannot and will not go it. Go on

Yeah second marriage is nothing no amount of money will make it legal

To further reveal more about her husband, Gill, in a Facebook exchange with some Nigerians, described Ukpong as “bloody liar, narcissist and bigamist” who also impregnated another white woman before he married her.

Meanwhile, it seems as though, the new wife, Idongesit Edem is aware of the fact that he is married to Gill as she had commented on a photo Kufre had posted on Facebook.

Gill also claimed to have contacted Idongesit Edem to warn her that Kufre Ukpong is already married to her.

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See photos of Kufre and Idongesit together: