“Parenting is not easy” — Sophie Momodu seeks advise from older parents over daughter,...

Davido’s First Baby Mama, Sophie Momodu, has said being a mother, and parenting overall, is something she’s finding difficult. She took to her snapchat to seek the advise of experienced parents, as she’s finding it difficult to tame her daughter, Imade. Sophie says, whenever she punishes her daughter for something wrong she did, she gets this feeling of guilt, and she immediately wants to hug her and tell her sorry, for punishing her. “Everytime I have to spank my toddler or punish her for doing something wrong, I immediately want to hug her and tell her sorry.”, She wrote on snapchat”. She continued; “Issa struggle to even keep a stern face, But I do it for the culture anyways. But then, I don’t want to raise a spoiled brat and I don’t want to be an overly strict mom either. This parenting ish isn’t easy!!” Below is her Full note; “Dear parents with older kids, does this feeling of “guilt” right after you spank your kid for being naughty every go away?” “Cos every time I have t..

Photos: Camp Gas, Travel Bags Serve As Souvenirs At Nigerian Wedding Party.

You know how most people are always going extra when it comes to weddings in Nigeria? Well, this wedding was extra extra after it served its guests camp gas, travel bags as souvenirs. One @Mz_Tosyn on Twitter, shared the photos on the microblogging platform, which has garnered over a thousand retweets – she even claimed they served livestock in the same wedding. Her tweets and photos below:

“My sister didn’t commit suicide, she was the best in her class” — Brother...

Some days back, a report went round of social media over the death of one Mercy Olamide Afolaranmi, a student of Microbiology at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, who was said to have committed suicide. In a new development, schoolforum.com.ng came across a comment on their page which is alleged to be from the brother of the deceased lady. According to him who wrote the comment, Mercy was murdered and didn’t commit suicide and he has his reasons… Read his comment below:

“That Man Is My Husband!” – British Lady Says She’s The Legal Wife Of...

Some hours after the wedding of a Nigerian man identified as Kufre Ukpong and his bride in Akwa Ibom, a British Lady with the name, Gill Ukpong on Facebook, has come out to claim that she is already married to the groom. Gill made this known on Facebook, via the comment section of a post which was in reference to the Akwa Ibom wedding. Gill wrote: Look you can say anything u like, ask my husband why he has not divorced me for this marriage. Ask him why he cannot and will not go it. Go on Yeah second marriage is nothing no amount of money will make it legal To further reveal more about her husband, Gill, in a Facebook exchange with some Nigerians, described Ukpong as “bloody liar, narcissist and bigamist” who also impregnated another white woman before he married her. Meanwhile, it seems as though, the new wife, Idongesit Edem is aware of the fact that he is married to Gill as she had commented on a photo Kufre had posted on Facebook. Gill also claimed to have contacted Idongesi..

Nigerian Father Allegedly Sends Young Son Away From Home For Featuring In Football. (Photo)

A young Nigerian boy has claimed his “harsh” father sent him away from their home on Friday October 27 because he came home late after featuring in a soccer game in Warri, Delta State. The 13-year-old boy from Epe in Lagos State identified as Ayo Adebisi, claimed he left the house at about 2pm to play in the Under 13 football match between Gray Football Club and Indomitable Warriors Club at Pessu Primary School. Ayo explained that he returned home at about 7pm the same day but his father chased him out of the house. According to a report by Daily Post, Adebisi, who is the second out five children of his parents, claimed he slept in a nearby church which held an “All Night” service same day. The boy recalled that he slept in the house of a stranger who accommodated him again on the night of Saturday October 28. Adebisi, who revealed the marriage between his parents crashed, as he stated that his mother, Sophia is staying with her own father at a compound adjacent the God’s Kingdom ..

Benita Okojie gushes over her son, salutes mothers.

Gospel singer, Benita Okojie, who welcomed a baby boy with her husband, Olawale, is now gushing over how motherhood is no joke.. and how it has changed her. “At 38 weeks and a few days. My Gynaecologist and doctor advised that I should take long walks and dance to aid baby A’s coming faster. There were times I even ran the stairs (carefully o)😂😂.My people, I tried but our prince came at God’s time. Dear mothers, it’s just been a few days and I have to salute you. Motherhood is no joke but I’m grateful for every stage and support I have been getting. Conception, carrying a child for 9months and Delievery is still a mystery only God can explain. I’m in awe of God!!! #Tbt”

Popular Gay man, Paul Arduad dies after long battle with Anal Cancer

A very popular Congo Brazzaville Gay Man, Paul Arduad, has died after a long-thorough battle with Anal cancer. According to reports from Brazzaville Infos 242, a Congo Blog, Congolese star, Paul was open about being gay, and it’s just sad he died after a long battle with the disease. See some before and after photos below;

“God, If this life is fake, I don’t want a real life” — Hushpuppi...

Hushpuppi earlier today, dropped a shade to his former best friend, Mompha, after the latter claimed he is broke, and living a fake life. His beef with Mompha has been one of the trending topics on social media lately… Recall in series of posts, Mompha claims Hushpuppi, real name Ramoni Abass, was a guy he housed when he was dead broke. He even shared pictures of the taxi he claims his father drives while he is always on Instagram showing off a fake life. Since the revelations from Mompha, social media has been awashed with a lot of shades and clap backs from both men. The latest coming from Hush who begged God to to continue giving him a fake life if that’s all it will take to make him continue enjoying the way he is. His quote below; “For somebody who is broke, I spend quite a lot of money. For someone who’s living a fake life, I think I have an amazing life. God if this life is fake, please continue to grant it for me, I don’t want real life.” He accompanied the above quote w..

Another Virgin Mary miracle of the sun happened in Lagos

Nigerian Catholic Devotees of the Virgin Mary witnessed yet another Awe Inspiring Miracle Of The Sun. The event which happened yesterday 28th Oct 2017 at the National Stadium in Lagos, saw thousands of Christian Devotees of the Virgin Mary in attendance. Event was held to conclude the Lagos Diocesan Commemoration of The 1917 Apparition of The Virgin Mary in Fatima which rounded 100years this year. Just like the one that happened in Benin Nigeria on 13th October , 15 days ago, the sun was seen shifting orientation, enlarging and diminishing its rays. People could freely look at it because it could no longer hurt the eyes. IMMACULATABLOG caught a mobile phone video of this event as shown in the video link below: In the video, one could hear the exclamation of one of the attendants who was actually seeing the Virgin Mary within the miracle. Notice the natural background noise and exclamations,coupled with the movement of a bird around the visual. One observer who called himself..

I must have really lost my mind to have wanted to leave Tiwa Savage...

Teebillz has finally said that he must have probably lost him mind, when he came on Instagram many months ago to accuse his wife of having extra-marital affair with Don Jazzy. Writing on his Instagram today, the former manager of the singer praised his wife’s beauty, called her sexy and even burst out in a song about how much he loves her. “This babe is so f–king sexy! I must have lost my damn mind to wanna leave all these goodies,” the drooling husband said on the post, adding, “You wanna know who I’m in love with? Regardless, I wish I could sing but I will borrow 2baba and Usher’s voice on this one.” He continued serenading his wife, saying, “I too love you o!” He also wrote on Snapchat; ‘this babe is so fucking sexy. I must have lost my mind to wanna leave all these goodies’. Below are some sampe reactions from Folks on Social Media. privacy_f: “The same Mrs Savage he accused of witchcraft. Mr Edible Catering, pls go and WORK ” mynorford1: “Lol, why will u leave her when sh..